Frequently Asked Questions



How does an organization apply for a Foundation grant?

An organization must first submit a Letter of Intent form. Organizations that best meet the Foundation’s grant guidelines, criteria and funding priorities will be invited to submit a complete grant application. The Foundation has two grant cycles per year; completed applications are due September 1 and March 1.

Can an organization submit a Letter of Intent on-line?

Organizations may submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) form available on the website. LOI forms may be submitted at any time, but please keep in mind that it typically takes two weeks for the Foundation to review these forms and to respond to each.

What is the average size of a grant?

The Foundation’s grants range from $5,000 to $100,000. The average grant, however, is
typically $20,000-$25,000.

What types of support are available from the Foundation?

The Foundation prefers to support basic human needs such as food, clothing, shelter and
education. Within these criteria, the Foundation provides support for new, expanding or
sustaining program services, endowments, capital campaigns and general operating expenses, not including rent, utilities, office furniture, salaries, benefits, and computer equipment used for administrative purposes. The Foundation may consider salary and equipment expenses if they are part of expanding program services.

Does the Foundation fund faith based organizations?

The Foundation funds only non-denominational programs. A religiously affiliated group may operate a program, but participation must be open to anyone. Services must not involve proselytizing of any particular religious belief.

Are there organizations that the Foundation does not fund?

The Foundation does not provide funding for:

Is there a limit to the number of grants an organization can receive?

An organization may apply for a grant annually. However, applicants that have received a grant are advised to submit a final progress report before submitting another application for consideration. It is permissible for example, for an applicant to submit a final progress report along with a completed application by the September 1 deadline for consideration at the
Foundation Board’s October meeting. The Foundation does not make long-term or multiple year pledges.

Is it expected that we spend the grant money within a year and what if we don’t spend all the monies granted?

It is expected that organizations spend the awarded grant monies within one year of receipt. Funds not exactly spent within this timeline must be returned to the Foundation unless other
arrangements have been approved.